Our Mission

The mission of the NCBWG is to promote the conservation of bats and their habitats in North Carolina through education and collaborative study, including the dissemination of information on research and policies.

Who We Are

The North Carolina Bat Working Group was formed in 2007. Our 1st meeting was held on Nov. 8 2007 and was hosted by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission in Raleigh, NC. Thirty-six people attended the meeting, including representatives from 6 universities, 3 federal agencies, 5 state agencies, 3 private companies, and 1 nonprofit organization.

At this meeting, it was decided that the working group should have an organization structure similar to NC PARC and 3 primary committees were established:

  • Education and Outreach
  • Research, Inventory, Monitoring, and Management
  • Policy and Regulation.

Each year since, the North Carolina Bat Working Group has had successful annual meetings with numerous attendees interested in bat research and education from around the state.

If you are interested in being added to the NCBWG email list, contact Mary Frazer (

Quick Links

Questions about bat houses or sick/injured bats, click here.

Bat Presentation Requests: We are a non-profit, volunteer organization. Although NCBWG biologists would love to present about bats to your group, our availability is limited, especially during October. Please fill out the form to request a presentation about bats: See our Resources page for education information on bats.

Bats and COVID-19: Currently, activities requiring direct contact with bats are restricted. See our Resources page for more information on bats, coronaviruses, and restrictions on activities.

NCBWG Officers

Co-chairs: Lauren Wilson & Katherine Etchison
Secretary: Brooke Massa
Treasurer: Byron Levan
Members At-Large: Sue Cameron, Rada Petric, & Lindsey Zarecky
Research, Inventory, and Monitoring Committee Chair: Ed Corey