General Information

Educational Resources

Although NCBWG biologists would love to provide presentations to your group, our availability is limited, especially during October. You can fill out a Bat Program request form: Consider using the educational resources below.

How to Help Bats!

Unwanted Bats?

Click here for more information on unwanted bats in your home or contact the NC Wildlife Helpline at 866-318-2401.

Sick or Injured Bats

Never directly handle a sick or injured bat.  Although bats can be sick or disoriented for other reasons than rabies, we recommend taking precautions.  We recommend contacting a licensed wildlife rehabilitator that specializes in rabies vector species, such as bats.  You can also call the NC Wildlife Helpline (866-318-2401) for guidance on what to do with the sick or injured bat.

Bat Activities During COVID-19

Currently, activities requiring direct contact with bats should follow Covid-19 protocols. See the following protocols: 

2021 NCWRC Protocols for Bat Handling Surveys During COVID-19 Pandemic

2021 NCWRC Protocols for Bat Rehabilitation During COVID-19 Pandemic

For more information, please contact Katherine Etchison, NCWRC Mammalogist, at 828-545-8328 or

Bat Conservation International’s FAQ on Bats, Coronoviruses, and Zoonotic Diseases

Video on bat immune systems and zoonotic diseases: