General Information

How to Help Bats!

Unwanted Bats?

Click here for more information on unwanted bats in your home or contact the NC Wildlife Helpline at 866-318-2401.

Sick or Injured Bats

Never directly handle a sick or injured bat.  Although bats can be sick or disoriented for other reasons than rabies, we recommend taking precautions.  We recommend contacting a licensed wildlife rehabilitator that specializes in rabies vector species, such as bats.  You can also call the NC Wildlife Helpline (866-318-2401) for guidance on what to do with the sick or injured bat.

Bat Activities During COVID-19

Currently, activities requiring direct contact with bats should follow Covid-19 protocols. See the following protocols: 

2021 NCWRC Protocols for Bat Handling Surveys During COVID-19 Pandemic

2021 NCWRC Protocols for Bat Rehabilitation During COVID-19 Pandemic

For more information, please contact Katherine Etchison, NCWRC Mammalogist, at 828-545-8328 or

Bat Conservation International’s FAQ on Bats, Coronoviruses, and Zoonotic Diseases

Video on bat immune systems and zoonotic diseases: